#96 dilemma situation

yesterday i fall into one situation
i need to decide between
PCS class and Lab presentation

my group
3 of us got PCS class
2 of us dont but still
we got to present lab at 9 am
same time with PCS class

we sent emergency mail to lecturer
but then she scolded us
how professionalism she want us to become?

at first i hate PCS class because she is too strict
and then i start to enjoy PCS class
but what happened yesterday
make me so upset
without consideration she deduct our mark
although we still come to her class
and become the audience

as a student...which one we need to prioritize?
attend as an audience or coursework mark?
i think we had take our responsibility by informed her
she likes to be disturbed during holiday??
if do, we will inform her early
but still we respect our lecturer

what the things she is not satisfied
that day presentation or us??

i do agreed that this is also our mistake
because this miscommunication happened
without us realize it
when this is happened
who want to be blame for?

just as an adult
why need to become ____
because u r superior
if all adult like that
we r as teenagers will be like u
and if ur son come into dilemma like us had faced
u will know what happened next..

this post is an angry post
but then Allah still the most powerful one
he knows better than us
and he hate people who cant control their anger
so then i forgot this damn day
and start doing my ECON project

Alhamdulillah i had finished my ECON
and PCS slide
this coming thursday
i just go present and then i dont think i want to go to that class again
coz the enjoyment that i had felt had been diminished fully yesterday

gd luck who are participating in EDX25

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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